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VAT specialists

Years of experience and a high quality service: the experienced specialists of VAT Institute are known for this and would be pleased to assist you. VAT Institute is engaged in the field of advising, legal process representation and fiscal representation and provides VAT scans , VAT return and refund claims services as well as several lectures and courses.

Our service is characterized by skill, flexibility and independence. Our specialists know the latest developments in VAT. They would like to be your partner in solving or preventing VAT problems and optimizing the possibilities in VAT law.

The service provision by VAT Institute is independent. This is a necessary requirement to secure the quality of our service and the integrity of our office.


Only in moderation the master is revealed. That is why we only focus on VAT. The knowledge and experience of our VAT specialists and the continuous attention for developments in our discipline ensure the quality of our services.


We do not believe in standard solutions. Every client is unique. We adapt our services to the specific needs of our clients. Flexibility also entails that we are available when you need us. Even when this is in short term.


VAT Institute is an independent firm of VAT specialists. We can therefore provide our services independently. This ensures the quality and the integrity of our services.